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  • Homesick Language

    God’s word soothes the contentious heart of mankind. His Truth sets us free from the toxic sin that festers in our hearts–the hate, the greed, the grudges. God’s Truth is more than a simple truth, a simple statement of reality like, “The sky is blue.” The Truth pricks our hearts like a vaccine in our…

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  • Truth

    Hello everyone! Lately I have been studying postmodernism, which is becoming more common. If you are not familiar with postmodernism, let me tell you that it is a major obstacle to preaching the Gospel to save souls. Postmodernism is a reaction to modernism, a mindset that truth can be understood, analyzed, and dissected with empirical…

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  • Clinging to The Sword

    Hello everyone! Lately, I have been reflecting on my life and the person I am by the power of God with all my failures and all of God’s accomplishments in me. My reflection led my mind to the incomparable glory of God’s word and its impact it has had on my life while I have…

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