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  • Stop, Look, and Listen

    Here I want to give you some thoughts from Luke 9:28-36. The passage is about the transfiguration where Peter witnesses Jesus in a glorious appearance with Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah are the most notable prophets in the Old Testament; Moses brought the Law of Moses, contained in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Elijah […]

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  • Father And Son

    This was a Father’s Day sermon centered on the relationship between Jesus the Son and God the Father.

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  • Judgement and Life

    Last month I was able to preach three sermons out of John 5 with rich material left untouched. It begins with Jesus healing a paralyzed man, then Jesus explains his authority and relationship with the Father, then Jesus explains his witnesses that corroborate his claims of who he is. Even though I will squeeze out […]

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  • Who Loves More?

  • Choose Suffering

    Hello to my fellow sinners/saints! From your friendly neighborhood preacher:) hope you all are having joy despite the circumstances. Last week we had a preacher meeting over a conference call. I was given the opportunity to lead it (I signed up for it last year, who knew this would have happened!). But it went very […]

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  • Foundation on the rock

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am out of funny things to say to open this with, so just pretend I made you laugh (Laurel does it all the time–wait was that funny?) Here I am with some devotional thoughts on a simple yet powerful lesson from Jesus. It comes toward […]

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  • House Arrest

    Hello to all my fans and those who tolerate me! I hope your time in quarantine is going well. To pass the time I made some imaginary friends. That helped. But then they formed a club and won’t let me join. Now I’m back to studying until they learn some manners. I watched a sermon […]

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  • “Disciples” in the Gospel of Luke

    Hello to all you fellow humans! This is Mr. Price but you can call me Mr. Bobby. I have been enjoying the Gospel of Luke lately. The concept of discipleship seems to be significant in Luke. I read through Luke to find every instance of the word “disciple” to learn about what it means to […]

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  • Invalid Faith

    I hope you all have been doing well. Laurel and I have secluded ourselves in obedience to our government and concern for the virus. The first couple days were not too bad. Of course, Laurel is still working at Imboden (apparently “essential” has an arbitrary definition). I have learned my productivity is best in the […]

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  • Greatest Thing Since Sliced Rocks

    Greatest Thing Since Sliced Rocks

    There is one movie out there–I won’t say the name of it because it has some blasphemy in it, but it was a movie that got me thinking. The premise of the movie is that this guy was in a horrible place in life and he blamed God. The first words he says in the […]

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