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  • Servant Leadership pt 2

    Jesus’ leadership example is servant-leadership. He “came not to be served but to serve” (Mat. 20:28). Servant leadership has a two-fold emphasis: 1) the servant-character of the leader and 2) the importance of the people being led. God’s  picture of a local leader is not that of the manager of an enterprise or a decision […]

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  • Broken Sabbath

  • Servant Leadership

    “What do you suppose is the most neglected leadership quality among church leaders? Which attribute is the most essential for good leadership?” one author asked, “As far as I am concerned, these two questions have the same answer. The answer is the spirit of a servant.” Without any ambiguity Jesus explained that his form of […]

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  • Truth

    Hello everyone! Lately I have been studying postmodernism, which is becoming more common. If you are not familiar with postmodernism, let me tell you that it is a major obstacle to preaching the Gospel to save souls. Postmodernism is a reaction to modernism, a mindset that truth can be understood, analyzed, and dissected with empirical […]

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  • Clinging to The Sword

    Hello everyone! Lately, I have been reflecting on my life and the person I am by the power of God with all my failures and all of God’s accomplishments in me. My reflection led my mind to the incomparable glory of God’s word and its impact it has had on my life while I have […]

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  • Get Up!

  • Studying Bible Narratives

    Hey everyone! I have been spending some time working through the process of bible study and writing up some tips and guides on how to study the bible. This particular tip to studying the bible, I find to be extremely valuable to my studies.  “It’s like a movie in my head,” a young man said […]

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  • Life and Judgement

    John 5 is a deep chapter filled with rich material. It begins with Jesus healing a paralyzed man, then Jesus explains his authority and relationship with the Father, then Jesus explains his witnesses that corroborate his claims of who he is. Even though I squeezed out three sermons from this chapter there is still material […]

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  • Direction

    In 1 Samuel 4 the Ark of the Covenant, the most significant artifact to all of Israel and to God at the time, was captured in war by the Philistines. The Philistines must have been excited about it at first because this is humiliation to their enemies and they believed this meant that their god […]

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  • Jesus as My Witness