Forgiveness, The Path To Unity And Peace

In my Master’s classes I recently took Conflict Resolution In The Church. After reading books like Redeeming Church Conflicts and Making Peace, studying material concerning conflict resolution in the church, and completing assignments on this topic, I have come to especially appreciate forgiveness. The goal of conflict resolution is unity and the path to unity … Continue reading Forgiveness, The Path To Unity And Peace

Process of Forgiveness

Christians may experience conflicts that offer no opportunity to reconcile with their offender. In these situations, reconciliation and closure are out of reach and the focus must be placed upon healing emotional wounds.  We need to take the time to educate ourselves of scriptures concerning peace and forgiveness and educate themselves on the process of … Continue reading Process of Forgiveness

The Glorious Victory of Forgiveness

Mark portrays Christ’s crucifixion alluding to the triumphal procession of a Roman Emperor. Mark’s narrative begins with the Roman soldiers leading Jesus into “the courtyard of the palace.” The word Mark uses to refer to this place is praetorium, which could apply to military headquarters in king but was also the common designation in Rome … Continue reading The Glorious Victory of Forgiveness