Following Jesus: Pros And Cons

By Babylon Bee, edited by Bobby Price

It’s important to count the cost before you decide to follow Jesus. Luckily, we read the Bible, asked a few pastor guys, and checked Twitter, and we came up with these compelling pros and important cons to consider before you make the leap. Are you thinking about following Jesus? Think about both sides of the issue now:

Pro: Eternal life

Con: Some random person on the internet might think you’re weird

Pro: You don’t have to go to hell for eternity

Con: You have to go to church

Pro: Finding your transcendent meaning and purpose in life

Con: Getting up a little earlier on Sundays

Pro: Potlucks

Con: Church coffee

Pro: The all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of the universe loves you and sent his Son to die for you

Con: His book is really long

Pro: Your life will be redeemed to the glory of God

Con: Can’t get drunk and do coke in Vegas anymore

Pro: Traditional family values that lead to a satisfying, productive life with your large, loving family

Con: Only two genders to pick from

Pro: Cathedrals, classical music, Michelangelo, the foundation of western art and music

Con: God’s Not Dead 3

Pro: Chris Pratt

Con: Kirk Cameron

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