Indications of Life in 1 John

1 John is all about eternal security, knowing you have eternal life, knowing you are saved. It is written to Christians to help us know we are safely in God’s grace. John will give us several indications for us. He gives indications we are saved and indication we may not be saved. This is not a list of things you have to do to be saved, this is a list of things you should do because you are saved. If you are a Christian and you live by these things, you can rest assured you are safely in God’s grace.

verse, manner of having life–description of life
1:7 walk in the light–have fellowship with God, the blood of Christ cleansing us
1:9 confess our sins–forgive our sins, cleanse from all unrighteousness. 
2:3 keep His commands–we know that we know Him.
2:5-6 live as Jesus did–to know Him
2:10 loves his brother–abides in the light, no cause for stumbling in him
2:17 does the will of God–abides forever
2:23 acknowledges the Son–has the Father also
2:24 “what you have heard from the beginning” remains in you–remain in Son and Father
2:28 continue in Him–be unashamed at His Coming
2:29 practices righteousness–is born of Him
3:7 practices righteousness–is righteousness just as He is righteous
3:9 does not practice sin–God’s seed remains in him, born of God
3:14 love the brothers–passed from death to life
3:18-19 love in deed and in truth–we are of the truth, our hearts at rest   
OR (verse 19 may be describing verse 18 or verse 20)
3:19-20 God does not condemn–we are of the truth, our hearts at rest
3:24 keeps god’s commands–lives in Him and He in them
3:24 been given the Spirit–He lives in us
4:1 has spirit that acknowledges Jesus has come in flesh–spirit is from God
4:6 listens to “us”–knows God 
4:7 loves–is born of God and knows God
4:12 love one another–God abides in us, his love is made complete
4:13 have received His Spirit–we abide in Him and He in us
4:15 confesses Jesus is the Son of God–God abides in him, He abides in God
4:16 abides in love–abides in God and God in them
4:17 are like Jesus–love is complete, have confidence at Judgment 
5:1 believes Jesus is the Christ–is born of God
5:3 keep His commands–love for god
5:4 have faith–overcomes the world in victory
5:5 believes Jesus is the Son of God–overcomes the world
5:10 believes in the Son of God–has God’s testimony: life is in the Son
5:12 has the Son–has life
5:13 believe in the name of the Son of God–have eternal life
5:18 does not continue to sin–born of God
5:20 being in Jesus–know Him who is true
verse, manner of having no life–description of no life
1:6 walk in darkness–we lie and do not live the truth
1:8 claim to be without sin–we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us
1:10 claim we have not sinned–we make Him a liar and His word is not in us 
2:4 do not do what he commands–the truth is not in us
2:9,11 hates a brother or sister–still in darkness, walks in darkness, are blinded
2:15 love the world–love of the Father not in them
2:22 denies Jesus is Christ–is antichrist
2:23 denies the Son–does not have the Father
3:6 practices sin–will not live in Him, has not seen or known Him
3:8 practices sin–is of the devil
3:10 does not practice righteousness, does not love their brother–is not child of God, is child of the devil
3:14 does not love–remains in death
3:15 hates a brother–is a murderer, has no eternal life
3:17 has possessions, has brother in need, has no pity–has not love of God 
4:7 does not listen to “us–is not from God
4:3 has spirit does not acknowledge Jesus–not from God
4:8 does not love–does not know God
4:20 hates brother–does not love God
4:20 does not love brother–cannot love God
5:12 does not have the Son of God–does not have life

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